Norman George: Tactful advice to our leaders

Tuesday May 19, 2020 Written by Norman George Published in Editorials
Norman George: Tactful advice to our leaders

More sage advice to entertain and inspire our kopu tangata quarantined at the Edgewater Resort.


Tact is the ability to describe your opponent the way he wishes to be described.

⃝ Advice to public speakers: “If you don’t strike oil in the first two minutes, stop boring!”

⃝ Last week we told husbands and partners of the quarantined Golden Oldies they should be excused from cooking, housework, feeding the pigs, goats and cows and panel-beating the family car, working in the taro patch or plantation for one calendar month, on their return home.

They should get breakfast in bed whenever requested, and exclusive rights to the TV, stereo and bar.

Today, a last-minute response from the husbands and partners of the Golden Oldies netball mamas on the offers they can’t refuse: “Is that all? Anything else? Puuee the pain! Te mataku!”

⃝ My one-two punch for the week: A Chinese Emperor once tested the strength and ability of the Chinese people to defend their empire. He assembled his troops and defenders around the Great Wall to sound the alarm. From every corner of the empire came soldiers and defenders ready to go to war. 

Sorry, false alarm! Just a practice run.

Not long after that, the real thing happened! The Great Wall was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of invading forces.  The Emperor ordered the alarm sounded.  No one showed, up, just another false alarm. A lesson for the Covid-19 “Road Show”

⃝ For Henry and Mark and your advisors. Do a reality check on your decision to grant bars and clubs to open from 1pm to 6pm. Those are our busiest working hours. Work, plantations, farms, fishing, even a few rounds of golf!  Why not 4pm to 10.30pm? 

Think of the industry, the workers and needs of the patrons.  Stay on planet earth folks…

Kua rava teia, ka kite!




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