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Jay Cagica: Twelve months of tragedy

Tuesday February 04, 2020 Written by Published in Editorials
Thomas Riley, left, with friends including Jay Cagica during the UB40 concert last year – just hours before he passed away. 20013125 Thomas Riley, left, with friends including Jay Cagica during the UB40 concert last year – just hours before he passed away. 20013125

OPINION: It was a year ago that Jay Cagica lost his best friend Thomas Riley in a bike crash. Thomas was the first or 10 deaths in just 1 months. Today, Cagica remembers his friend and pleads for everyone to wear helmets.

As I close my eyes and slowly recall my last moments with Thomas Riley, every bit felt it was just yesterday. It was at the early evening of January 29, 2019, when we were excitedly getting ready to attend the UB40 concert. 

One of those normal nights out, but certainly changed my life forever. 

 I never dreamt that such a horrific incident would happen when life was at its peak.

The fear and worry started taking over as I began to face the harsh reality beside his hospital bed.

As painful as it was, the most difficult part was relaying the message to his mother. There was hope, there was faith and there was also reality.

It made me realise that life was fragile and can never be replaced once taken away.

It was indeed the longest early mornings of my life filled with so much despair and fear of losing someone so close and to this day, still lingers on with so much heartache.

About a couple of months ago I was featured in an article stressing the importance of wearing safety helmets for motorcyclists.

It is sad to see that in the recent weeks, death tolls on our roads rapidly increase and mostly alcohol-related incidents, where drivers refuse to wear safety helmets.

A week ago, two young lives were taken leaving family and friends in the same situation I was.

Every single time an accident happens, my heart skips as all the memories starts flooding in.

Accidents on our roads shouldn't be considered as normal.

Serious measures should be taken in protecting young youth and even family members who use motorcycles without wearing safety helmets.

Death is definitely heart-breaking, it could be anyone on our roads. It could be your siblings, parents, friends or loved ones.

I urge the public to be more responsible and learn valuable lessons from previous accidents as it could be anyone.

I believe that it is about time that the usage of safety helmets on our roads be mandatory to reduce fatality.

Wearing safety helmets can change everything, can save your life, can save your families from heartache, and can give you a chance to live your life once again.

I speak on behalf of those who have lost loved ones on bike related accidents and you can never know the feeling unless you have experienced such incidents.

As of this week, we commemorate one year of Thomas’s passing.

It was never a dream but life throws you many unexpected situations. Your choice is important and it could lead you to different paths.

My heart also goes out to family and friends of Amit Kumar, also a Fiji national, who lost his life on one of the worst accidents ever recorded in the Cook Islands.

To the young star Mona Ioane and his family, my deepest condolences to you all.

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Rest in peace, my dear brothers.

>Jay Cagica.



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