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Ruta Mave: Enough is enough: Govt must start ‘fighting for the people’

Monday January 20, 2020 Written by Published in Editorials
Prime Minister Henry Puna and his deputy Mark Brown with their New Zealand counterparts Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters. 20011904 Prime Minister Henry Puna and his deputy Mark Brown with their New Zealand counterparts Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters. 20011904

OPINION: The Monty Python movie, The Meaning of Life has a scene where the obese Mr Creosote is eating in the restaurant.


John Cleese, the maître d, is feeding him more and more food until Creosote can’t eat any more.

Cleese convinces him to eat one more “thin mint wafer”.

He eats it, and explodes. All his innards fly across the restaurant covering the guests, leaving Creosote sitting with his head and arms above a gaping cavern where his stomach used to be. 

This is how I feel about the latest drivel coming out of Cook Islands Party Government mouths.

Enough is enough we can only take so much before we explode.

Government sailing in to save the shipping woes. Yeah, right! They caused it. Taio Shipping has canvassed government for years to invest and support a passenger service.  

The government and Prime Minister owe their existence in office to the outer island voters.

Apart from a $10,000 grant for the fishing club the day before elections, or promises of public holidays, they haven’t tried to improve their constituents travelling to and from their home islands.

How does Mark Brown sleep at night, with the millions extra he is making us pay? 

In 2013 we petitioned not to use China for Te Mato Vai works. He said: “Chinese were paying $64 million towards it, they can use their own workers.”

When the New Zealand inspector refused to sign off the work, Brown shamed the inspector and protected the Chinese. 

When the pipes started leaking, he asked New Zealand to pay the repairs and said he would get the Chinese to pay for it. Yeah right!

Six years ago, Henry Puna said we would be 100 per cent self-sustainable by 2020 and we could have been. Instead he purchased six petrol cars - now he buys four $60,000 electric cars to drive him to the airport where he clocks up millions of carbon debt with his flights.

George Maggie is saving the planet on his electric bike, yeah right! Our electricity runs off diesel, use of solar has been capped. 

If the government was serious about saving money and the planet, then ride public transport, carpool or ride bicycles. Plus, ban all petrol leaf blowers and use a rake.

Jacinda Ardern summed up online what her government has achieved in the last two years.

From planting millions of trees, increasing wages for teachers, nurses, police, lifting children out of poverty, improving hospitals, reduced unemployment and prisoner numbers.

Creating better school environments, banning plastic bags, reducing firearm ownership, addressing social media violence.

Helping abuse victims, LGBT transgenders, local Maori culture and much more.

What can we say about Puna’s Cook Islands Party?  Never won by majority always needs vaka jumpers.  

First government to tax pensioners, local and from New Zealand.

Clears land and doesn’t ask or pay landowners, ignores Te Mato Vai petition, gets another Chinese disaster despite the public being against it, sells our fish for 16 cents a kilo and we pay $24 a kilo.

Steals money out of pensioners’ bank accounts at Christmas.

Gives pensioners 70 plus years, an extra $8 per week, pay themselves an extra $400-$900 per week. Removes doctors from outer islands due to lack of funds, build themselves a new chamber for $300,000. Employs MPs found guilty of electoral fraud, rewards MP with New Zealand warrant for arrest.

Can’t afford hot mix sealed road but can replace a perfect working bridge for $3 million.

Takes Marae Moana accolades while planning to mine the seabed and add chemicals to our water.

Enough is enough. It’s time you earned your $72,000 a year, by fighting for the people who are making this country great. You can start by paying the teachers’ pay parity.


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