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If ever there was a time for the government to make the right decision regarding the helmet law then it is now.

I don’t often get down to New Zealand, and in the eight years or so we’ve been living here in Tupapa, seldom for more than a few days. But this last summer I went twice, once just after Christmas when we as a family spent time on the east coast of the north island; where my husband hails from, and where we have a family home.

Columnist Norman George pays a tribute to the police officers in the country.

Forgive us, as we forgive others

Saturday February 08, 2020

Mistakes of the past will always catch up with you.

On Waitangi Day, February 6, I find my thoughts are automatically occupied by my tupuna rangatira.

Jay Cagica: Twelve months of tragedy

Tuesday February 04, 2020

OPINION: It was a year ago that Jay Cagica lost his best friend Thomas Riley in a bike crash. Thomas was the first or 10 deaths in just 1 months. Today, Cagica remembers his friend and pleads for everyone to wear helmets.

OPINION: Some tough businessmen have helped make Cook Islands the nation it is today.

During a kaikai in Mitiaro at the weekend of the latest tragedy, the MC announced a special pure akapumaana (prayer of comfort) would be held for the families who had just lost two young boys involved in a fatal accident on Rarotonga.

OPINION: Men make laws, to instantly solve issues, one they can put a lid on, wash their hands and walk away.  

OPINON: It will take courage for us all to see through the changes that are necessary to avoid more of our children dying on the roads.

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