A moment to relish shattered

A moment to relish shattered

Dear Editor,

Former Demo MP Te-Hani Brown’s election success in 2018 as the Cook Islands’ youngest ever elected MP for Areora-Tengatangi-Ngatiarua in Atiu, was a historical moment to savour for her family and friends.

What’s in our name?

We name our children, we name our vaka taurua -- in fact we name all the parts of a voyaging vaka. We name our villages, our tapere, and the land we build our homes on has a name. Our marae have names, our Kings and Queens, our tupunas have names, and these names we have chosen -- names that pass from one generation to the next and names that identify us as toketoke no te enua, tumu, and as people of this land.

Lock up the scammers

I am back for a while and wanted to reply to your article on the front page yesterday about trade practices.

Barking with no dog in ring

The deputy prime minister sure is doing a lot of talking for someone who doesn’t even have a dog in the fight isn’t he?

We are no simpletons!

I find it appalling that deputy prime minister Mark Brown still continues to treat the public as simpletons, with his on-going and constant mixture of disseminating news of all sorts of varieties; truth, half-truths, real news, fake news, misinformation, disinformation, half-lies, manipulated BS and so on.