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Rain expected until tomorrow

Wednesday July 20, 2016

OCCASIONAL rain is expected to be felt in Rarotonga until tomorrow (Thursday).

RAROTONGA’S internet services were interrupted for almost two hours on Monday night due to heavy rain affecting the O3b Satellite service.

Weather officers learn new skills

Wednesday July 20, 2016

THE PACIFIC Islands’ meteorological services will have a better chance in predicting more accurate climate or weather change patterns thanks to the government of Korea.

Wet weather expected to continue

Wednesday July 13, 2016

WHAT THE Cook Islands Meteorological Service has termed “occasional” rain is expected to continue on Rarotonga this week as a trough of low pressure lies over the Southern Cooks.

The cyclone season might be officially over, but the Cook Islands Meteorological Service is still urging people to be on the watch for extreme weather events.

The Cook Islands Metrological Service has launched a revamped website in a bid to improve their communication with the public regarding weather issues.

Wet weather expected to persist

Wednesday March 23, 2016

The rain showers hitting Rarotonga could continue for a few days, the Cook Islands Meteorological Service says.

Despite continuous and sometimes heavy downpours on Rarotonga yesterday, the Cook Islands Meteorological Service is worried rainfall recorded so far is still below the average mark.

Blame it on El Niño

Wednesday February 10, 2016

Everyone’s talking about the heat. And those who are in the know say the current hot and sticky conditions in Rarotonga are most likely the result of how the El Niño weather pattern is currently affecting our part of the Pacific.

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