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The west side of Rarotonga is expected to be the worst affected area as the tail of Tropical Cyclone Tino whips the southern Cook Islands tomorrow.

School is cancelled on Rarotonga today as tropical disturbance TD08F hits the island. The seawall road, too, has been closed as big waves smash over the top.

Cyclone threat to Cook Islands

Monday February 17, 2020

With another tropical cyclone brewing in the South Pacific, bringing heavy rain, huge swells and high winds, Cook Islands residents are told to be prepared. 

There’s a lot of skill required when it comes to knowing how to trim and top trees without severely damaging them, especially in preparation for adverse weather events like tropical cyclones and storms. And the best people on Rarotonga at getting that job done are Baker Tree Services. The trees at the Social Centre got a much needed trim over the past few days to prevent them from toppling during adverse weather and to keep people safe. November to March is traditionally cyclone season in Cook Islands, even though Rarotonga has escaped relatively unscathed in 2019/20. Photo: Katrina Tanirau.

No threat from TC Uesi yet

Tuesday February 11, 2020

Tropical Cyclone Uesi “is too far to affect the Cook Islands”, says the Cook Islands Meteorological Services.

Passing the buck on cyclone hazards

Friday February 26, 2016

Old and unsafe buildings and trees on Rarotonga could quickly be transformed into lethal weapons if a cyclone hits the island.

A tropical disturbance located in the Southern Cook Islands could form into a tropical cyclone over the next 24 hours.

THE Cook Islands Meteorological Service says unpredictable tropical cyclone Winston will not affect the Cook Islands directly, but rough seas and strong winds are already being experienced and are expected to continue.

Cyclone Winston not a threat here

Saturday February 13, 2016

Cook Islands may start feeling the effects of Tropical Cyclone Winston with some rough seas by Monday.

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