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Solar eclipse a ‘joy’ to see

Wednesday July 03, 2019

Rarotonga had a perfect view of the partial solar eclipse yesterday.

With March forecast to offer mostly hot and humid weather, CINews went online to find some advice about keeping cool.

The intensifying Tropical Cyclone Gita which was yesterday classed a category four cyclone is moving away from the Cook Islands.

A significant five metre swell generated by a storm surge caused by Tropical Cyclone Gita could hit Rarotonga by midday today.

New website for Met Service

Saturday May 25, 2019

Cook Islanders can now access their national weather, climate and ocean information at the touch of a button with the launch of the new Cook Islands Meteorological Service website – www.met.gov.ck.

Ngari receives 35 year service award

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Back in 1984 when weather balloons were a familiar sight at the Meteorological station in Nikao, Arona Ngari first joined the department.

Scientists warn the Cook Islands and equatorial Pacific region face new extremes of weather.

The grief and loss of loved ones and losing one’s home because of climate change is real, says development consultant Dr Christina Newport.

Tsunami siren test causes alarm

Wednesday September 18, 2019

Sounds of the tsunami warning sirens caused some confusion among residents yesterday.

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