Shae Osborne

Shae Osborne

Seven youths graduated from Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI) last week as part of a programme that catered to troubled and at-risk youth.

Drug-accused denied suppression

Thursday July 20, 2017

The integrity of the “open court” was emphasised in the Avarua High Court last week, when a young defendant pleaded for name suppression on account of her professional boxing career and the embarrassment the publicity of her offence would bring to her future.

It’s a daily sight on Rarotonga: Crowds of people lined up on the seawall footpath, gazing expectantly into the distance for the first glimpse of an approaching airliner.

Cook Islands Justice of the High Court Colin Doherty will preside over a wide range of criminal and civil court cases for the next two weeks.

Government and non-government organisations from the Cook Islands and New Zealand joined forces last week at the first mental health and well-being stakeholders meeting.

For most people, running into a massive clump of smelly intestinal gunk jettisoned from a whale’s bottom isn’t exactly the best way to end a perfect day at the beach. But for those in the know, it could be like winning the lottery.

Penalties totalling $530,000 have been imposed on fishing companies caught breaking compliance laws.

A fishing competition that has been organised to honour a stalwart of the Cook Islands Fishing Club gets underway this week.

An eight-time traffic offender ran out of second chances in the Avarua High Court last week. Ngatokorua Tonorio was the first of more than 44 cases before Justice of the Peace, Georgina Williams in Thursday’s court session – appearing for sentencing after earlier pleading guilty to a charge of refusal to undergo a breathalyser test. 

High Court a hive of activity

Wednesday June 28, 2017

The Avarua High Court was a hive of activity this week, with more than 24 criminal court cases appearing before Justice of the Peace, Bernice Manarangi, in Thursday’s court session.

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