Blame NZ for the cold

Saturday August 01, 2020 Written by Published in Weather
Blame NZ for the cold

A weather system coming out of New Zealand is causing intermittent rain and cool spells in Rarotonga.

Arona Ngari, the director of Cook Islands Meteorological Services, said they were getting a “front system associated with the ridge” coming from east of New Zealand.

Ngari said this was related to the “blocking high system” that was reported in the east of New Zealand this month.

Blocking high is used to describe a stationary area of high pressure, which can dictate the development and course of the weather – leading to prolonged periods of dry or dull weather depending on the season.

Ngari said: “This high-pressure system wants to move away quickly and this pushes cooler winds towards the north on its flanks and that’s where the Cook Islands is basically, unfortunately.

“We haven’t had any heavy rain spell lately, it’s been averaging 11 to 21mm, which is not a big amount.”

Ngari said the weather pattern had also caused a drop in temperature with mercury hitting as low as 17 degrees Celsius this week.

“Anything below 20 degrees is cool for us and the temperature will remain low for a couple of days. So, when you get some sunny weather, make the most of it.”

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