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$1000 prize for a couple of names

Monday October 07, 2019 Written by Published in Weather
$1000 prize for a  couple of names

The Name an Exoworld competition committee now has sponsorship for cash prizes for the winning entries.


Total prize money of $2000 will be divided as follows: first prize winner will receive $1000, second prize winner gets $500, third gets $300 with fourth and fifth getting $100 each.

Anyone can enter by going to the competition website and filling in the form at www.astrofizz.org/enter.

Participants can make as many different entries as they live and have until October 31 to do so.

School children are particularly welcome to enter – they can get together with some class mates and put in a group entry – or several group entries.

Once names are shortlisted, the committee will select its preference and offer explanations rooted in tradition as to why.

The committee was formed in response to a call from the International Astronomical Union for every country in the world to name its own exoplanet—a word that denotes the combination of a planet (of which there are more than 4000 in the Milky Way) and a star.

“You need to think of a name for our star and one for its planet. Although our star is not visible to the naked eye it is in the constellation of Tucana which can be seen in the south.  Tucana is named after the South American bird the toucan. The planet is a type of giant planet made entirely of gas, just like the planet Jupiter in our solar system, but is a bit bigger. You can find more details on the website,” said committee member Phil Evans

Don’t forget to check the website for the naming rules: no living persons, no politics, no made-up words. Get your entry in now.

-  Wendy Evans