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Weather was kind to visitors

Monday January 29, 2018 Written by Published in Weather
The cruise ship Amsterdam pictured off Avatiu yesterday. 18012606 The cruise ship Amsterdam pictured off Avatiu yesterday. 18012606

Despite rough swells early yesterday morning, most of the passengers on the cruise ship MS Amsterdam were able to enjoy a memorable day exploring Rarotonga.


Turama Pacific Travel’s Nina Webb said that early on it looked to be a 50/50 proposition as to whether any passengers would be able to come ashore, but in the end, only a few missed out on making the day trip.

The passengers, whose average age was around 70, were escorted around the island on buses, and there was a shuttle bus running to Muri beach.

Tourism operators work together with the cruise ship companies about 18 months before the vessels’ actual arrival to ensure appropriate activities are arranged.

“Most people have taken part in the lagoon cruises and the Island Discovery Tour, and right now there are still a few people out on the Raro Safari Tour,” Webb said yesterday afternoon.

Most of the 500 passengers were from the northern hemisphere, and those who had travelled to Rarotonga previously had picked out a couple of places in particular where they wanted to spend their time.

“Some of the passengers are still at Trader Jacks, and we also had people heading to the local breweries too.”

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