Looks like we dodged a cyclone

Monday January 18, 2016 Written by Published in Weather
Debris left by huge swells breaking at Avarua wharf over the weekend generated by Tropical Cyclone Victor which is moving away from the Cook Islands. 160117 Debris left by huge swells breaking at Avarua wharf over the weekend generated by Tropical Cyclone Victor which is moving away from the Cook Islands. 160117

Tropical Cyclone Victor remains slow moving in a projection path which is leading the category three storm away from the Cook Islands.


The Cook Islands Meteorological Service is hoping the country will be clear of any imminent danger from Tropical Cyclone Victor by later today.

The cyclone – which is the third of the projected 12 expected to hit the South Pacific region including the Cook Islands this cyclone season –  was yesterday located just over 300 kilometres west of Palmerston.

Service director Arona Ngari said Victor was travelling at a speed of five knots with 65 knots close to the centre of the system.

The weather bulletin for southern Cook Islands including Rarotonga yesterday said “an active convergence zone with associated gale force winds remains slow moving over southern Cooks”.

Ngari said the cyclone was moving away from the Cook Islands towards Niue and Tonga at a very slow pace.

“Because it is slow moving, we cannot really say when the weather will clear up. Once it picks up speed, there will be no holding back,” he said.

“The upper air indicates it will move towards south to southwest. Cyclone Victor is taking more of a westerly track than southerly which means it is moving away from us.

“Basing on the southwest
direction it has taken, it is highly unlikely to turn back but things do change and we will keep on monitoring its progress.”

The slow pace of Victor is indicating the cyclone is gaining strength in the path it is following.

Ngari said Palmerston had been facing some adverse weather conditions since
Friday because the island was the nearest island to the
category three cyclone.

Palmerston Island Administration executive officer Arthur Neale, in an update yesterday morning, said wind direction had changed to the north with noticeable increase in average speeds and gusts.

He estimated average wind of 45 to 50 knots, gusting up to 60 to 70 knots. 

Neale said during high tide yesterday morning, flooding reached the first set of sheds and shanties on the beach, about 25 metres from mean high-water mark.

And during low tide, he said, flooding level was up to the bush line around the island.

More flooding was expected especially the area on the north (beach) side of the road at high tide at midday yesterday.

“Periods of heavy rain with strong squalls and thunderstorms throughout the night (Saturday) and continuing on this morning and expected throughout the day (yesterday),” Neale said.

“The population is safe – all are indoors. Only admin staff and police taking patrols in monitoring conditions.”

JeanMarie Williams from Manihiki told CI News that the winds have died down a bit and the seas remain rough but calming down.

The Cook Islands Christian Church roof on the island had been re-nailed down and otherwise everyone was safe, he said.

In Rarotonga, police closed the road along Nikao seawall after swells broke over the seawall causing danger to motorists using the road yesterday.

Police Inspector John Hosking said they were also patrolling the area and Avarua wharf to clamp down on youths swimming in the big waves.

Police had not received any report regarding damage or fatalities from the rough weather when this edition went to print yesterday.

Emergency Management Cook Islands director Charles Carlson is pleased with the awareness among the public and their preparedness for the cyclone season.    


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  • Comment Link Marah Sirache Monday, 18 January 2016 16:59 posted by Marah Sirache

    Thank you Jehovah for protection over our Islands and families Amen.

  • Comment Link raearuaine Monday, 18 January 2016 14:49 posted by raearuaine

    im greatful for the lords blessing i know now my families and the people on the island is safe its a matter of our faith to our father in heaven i pour out my heart in prayer and also asking my families in the cook island to do the same i know without a doubt we have a loving father in heaven who love us all he will never want any of his children to be a victum in this cyclone victor also never want to lose any of them i send a prayer message using the power of the holy priesthood that i hold in faith to direct the wind cycloneaway from the island and the safety of the people in the cook islands hopefully the prayer is answered all i can say as amember of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints keep the commandment of god attend church sunday keep sabbath day holy invite your families to church mormon church whatever pay your 10% to the lord blessings will come there will be no room to receive it as quote in the sciptures kia orana kia manuia

  • Comment Link Linda Monday, 18 January 2016 14:06 posted by Linda

    Sincerely hope all are safe. Such a lovely island!
    Lagoon Breezes, hope you are fine.

  • Comment Link Shauna Monday, 18 January 2016 12:44 posted by Shauna

    So glad to hear the cool islands is safe hope you are ok mum and step dad and brothers love you all.

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