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Telecom issues iPhone warning

Thursday June 12, 2014

Telecom Cook Islands has issued a warning to iPhone users in light of unexplained data usage some people are experiencing.

Telecom offer period closes

Tuesday June 10, 2014

Telecom New Zealand says “several” parties have formally expressed interest in buying its 60 per cent share of Telecom Cook Islands.

Having incurred more than $200 in excess data charges on my first full month with Telecom Cook Islands, I took the company’s advice and installed a data tracker on my iPhone 4S and monitored it several times a day.

Any locals looking to make an offer to buy Telecom New Zealand’s shareholding in Telecom Cook Islands have only a few days left.

The Business Trade and Investment Board has again changed its mind about how long Telecom New Zealand must advertise its shareholding in Telecom Cook Islands.

Telecommunications Minister Mark Brown says he has no preference for who becomes the new majority shareholder of Telecom Cook Islands.

Details are sparse about the latest local consortium to submit an expression of interest for the purchase of shares in Telecom Cook Islands.

A new report has found Telecom Cook Islands’ prices are among the highest in the region for low-level mobile use but the cheapest for texting and data use.

Telecom Cook Islands senior management has joined a consortium led by local Cook Islands investors to submit a formal expression of interest for the 60 per cent Telecom NZ shareholding in Telecom Cook Islands.

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