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Growing up in Matavera, we used to think of our community as Rarotonga’s smallest village – but we had the island’s biggest landmark.

A top online security expert says faster, easier access to the Internet with the arrival of the Manatua undersea cable will also bring increased threats from cyber criminals.

More than 200 jobs pressure-testing businesses’ vulnerability to cyber-attack have revealed a brutal truth: the greatest weakness in companies’ IT systems is not the computers, but the people.

Cooks’ starring role

Saturday September 21, 2019

In Rarotonga, Phil Evans doesn’t have a telescope of the size you see at international observatories.

But today’s technology allows him to log in remotely, every day, to his observatory in Chile that he accesses remotely on a daily basis – the culmination of 20 years of stargazing.

Bluesky says it’s changed the way it runs prepaid promotions.

Tables turned on tug

Tuesday September 24, 2019

The Vision fishing vessel filled in for the Ports Authority Toa tugboat yesterday, helping the LPG tanker Maea enter and dock at Avatiu harbour.

Scammers tricked a local company to transfer about $40,000 to an account in Malaysia in a business email compromise fraud. 

Landowners want government to provide economic analysis and forecasting on the Manatua Cable project. 

The manufacture of the 3600km Avaroa Cable has been completed and engineers will begin laying it later this year – but authorities are still awaiting Rarotonga landowners’ agreement to bring it ashore at Rutaki.

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