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Details are sparse about the latest local consortium to submit an expression of interest for the purchase of shares in Telecom Cook Islands.

A new report has found Telecom Cook Islands’ prices are among the highest in the region for low-level mobile use but the cheapest for texting and data use.

Telecom Cook Islands senior management has joined a consortium led by local Cook Islands investors to submit a formal expression of interest for the 60 per cent Telecom NZ shareholding in Telecom Cook Islands.

Local businessman William Framhein has joined forces with an overseas telecommunications company and made an 11th-hour offer to buy the Telecom Cook Islands shares.

Another local bid for a block of shares in Telecom Cook Islands is currently in the works.

Mike Tavioni is demanding that locals be given more time to band together and make an offer on Telecom New Zealand’s majority stake in Telecom Cook Islands.

The Democratic Party will push to have Telecom Cook Islands owned by a majority of local shareholders if it comes into power, says leader Wilkie Rasmussen.

Telecom offer closes in 10 days

Wednesday April 30, 2014

Those keen to get their hands on a majority share of Telecom Cook Islands have only 10 days left to throw their hat in the ring.

Internet provider O3b is preparing to launch its second group of four satellites in June, which should provide a more robust service for Cook Islanders.

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