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Dear Editor, The commitment made by (still) Minister Mark Brown on pensions is the usual “wishy-washy” statement we are used to.

Dear Editor, For those wanting to become shareholders in Telecom, here is some maths that would help shed some light (marama) on a $1000 investment.

Pacific Resort Rarotonga activities manager Matt Pierre has been crowned Cook Islands National Dancer of the Year at the 2014 Te Mira Ure competition.

New Mitiaro fishery officer

Thursday May 15, 2014

New Fishery Officer Ngarouru Tou has been in Rarotonga this month working with Ministry of Marine Resources’ inshore division staff.

Manihiki pearl forum a success

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Policy guidance for the revival of production and marketing of Cook Islands pearls was adopted at the 2014 Pearl Forum held in Manihiki on Tuesday.

Dear Editor, I refer to my letter published in CINews on May 8, 2014 titled ‘Good governance in grassroots sport’ and the CIFA response published the next day. 

‘Pure’ water please

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Dear Editor, We knew the Japanese were putting out the bull when they said they would stop whaling and we knew our government were shovelling the same bull when they said they were not going to turn our drinking water into swimming pool water by injecting chlorine.

Dear Editor, Minister Mark Brown’s explanation on television the other night as to why Government won’t exercise their option to purchase the NZ Telecom Shares of Telecom Cook Islands doesn’t really add up.  

Dear Editor, Can the Immigration Office answer a few simple questions? 

Franklin has done his time

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Dear Editor, In your paper 13 May 2014, an article was there about Mark Franklin, who someone pointed out should be deported back to NZ and Immigration is looking into it.

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