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E manuiri au (I am a foreigner). I have made a home here in God’s paradise with my spouse who is of Cook Islands Maori descent.

An increase in sexual offences in Vanuatu is being blamed on greater access to the internet and pornography brought in by overseas workers.

Covering lost licence revenue

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Dear Editor, Once the regulatory arrangements to the recent amendment to the Transport Act have been finalised visitors from Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, UK and the EU will not be required to obtain a Cook Islands drivers licence, if they have the appropriate category licence from their home country.  

More care needed by weed gangs

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Dear Editor, Never mind dogs that bark incessantly, nor the roosters that crow at all hours of the night; it’s the careless idiot with the weed-eater or lawn mower that should be shot.

I hope Teariki Heather allows time for other proposals for the reclaimed land at the Punanga Nui to be heard before firming up on Brett Porter's idea to build a BMX bike ramp for teenagers. 

Today’s the day the world recognise women in information and communication technologies (ICT), and a new study highlights why it’s important that more are encouraged into the field.

No paper tomorrow

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Because tomorrow is Anzac Day – and a public holiday – Cook Islands News will not be published.

A recently recruited Fijian policeman was found dead in the Police Special Response Unit canteen freezer at the weekend.

Dear Editor, It is so disappointing to hear and read Henry Puna’s poor excuse on why he called a “snap election”.

Is this a sign of serious intent?

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Dear Editor, Regarding the article in CINews of April 19, 2014 regarding the statement from the Minister of Finance...

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