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Dear Editor, Work on the Te Mato Vai project has started on the Ara Metua in Atupa – and I was saddened to see that it is off to a bad start! 

Dear Editor, What started as an opportunity to support an old service mate for the work he has done over a number of years organising the Anzac Day Parade and its “uniformed youth groups”, has turned out to be a great and memorable experience for both Nigel and me.

Dear Editor, The letter in Monday’s paper by “Voter by Choice” is the most illogical I have ever read.

Attacks on PM ‘out of hand’

Thursday May 01, 2014

We’ve had almost four years of CIP rule and the criticism through the media attacking the CIP and especially the Prime Minister has gotten out of hand.

Amnesty International has revealed that Nauru has denied it access to the island’s Australian-run immigration detention centre, which houses more than 1,000 asylum seekers.

A Rauti Para project that provides tablet training for seniors has finally come to Rarotonga, funded by Cook Islands’ donor partners.

Dear Editor, We have a resident population of around 15,000 of which 3000 are foreign settlers, 2000 are foreign workers and 10,000 are indigenous Cook Islanders.

Dear Editor, With the snap election called by the present Government at very short notice, I wouldn’t want to see the ‘old farts’ within the Democratic side putting their hands up and running again.

There are concerns in American Samoa that the main island’s current water resources will struggle to cope with growing demand. 

Dear Editor, To the Democratic Party supporters of Ngati Tangiia – there are six candidates urging for our votes to become a Member of Parliament for our village.

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