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No reports of mozzie problems

Monday August 11, 2014

The Ministry of Health says its officers in Aitutaki have not reported any recent problems with mosquitoes, but will be looking into the matter.

Steps in place to keep Ebola out

Monday August 11, 2014

The Ministry of Health says it is working closely with agencies to protect our national borders from an Ebola epidemic devastating parts of West Africa.

Cook Islands’ bigeye tuna catch may be a fraction of the regional take but that shouldn’t exempt us from making cuts, says Te Ipukarea Society.

No change at the fuel pumps

Friday August 08, 2014

Cook Islanders are continuing to pay among the highest retail prices for petrol and diesel in the Pacific Region, according to a new report.

Cook Islands musicians Kura Happ and Maurice Newport have soared to the top of the charts in Tahiti, ahead of global sensation Stan Walker.

Blokes who like meat are being invited to step into the kitchen with a renowned local chef and learn some new skills.

Newly renovated rooms and a bold new sign were unveiled at the official opening of the Trades and Technology Campus in Arorangi yesterday.

Construction of a massive solar energy system at Rarotonga Airport has taken a big leap forward with the first of more than 3000 panels installed yesterday.

Tourism contract details released

Thursday August 07, 2014

New information has been released about a New Zealand Aid-funded contract to provide aerial footage to the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

Recommendations made to Govt

Thursday August 07, 2014

A team of peer reviewers which visited the Cook Islands late last year has put forward a wide range of recommendations to the Government.

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