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Certified purse seiners needed - TIS

Wednesday August 20, 2014

If the Cook Islands is to allow purse seine fleets to fish our waters, it should accept only those certified as sustainably-managed fisheries, says Te Ipukarea Society.

Tourism function for award winners

Tuesday August 19, 2014

Wet and windy conditions failed to dampen the mood at a cocktail function for winners and sponsors involved in last year’s Air New Zealand Cook Islands Tourism Awards.

Dogs maul goats to death

Tuesday August 19, 2014

A Tupapa resident is fuming after his goats were mauled and killed by a group of dogs roaming in the area on Saturday morning.

An unrestrained toddler opened the door of a travelling vehicle and fell onto the road last Friday, prompting a warning to the public from police. 

Visitor arrivals from Australia dropped by nearly five per cent in July, leading an overall decline in tourism numbers during the country’s busiest month of the year.

Need help? Talk about it

Friday August 15, 2014

A four-week media campaign has been launched to promote a free telephone counselling helpline available for Cook Islands youth.

Furniture arrives for new school

Friday August 15, 2014

Rarotonga principals and several students had the chance to check out an array of brightly-coloured furniture delivered to Avatea School this week.

Promising young opera singer Ridge Ponini is putting the finishing touches on four songs as he prepares to audition at two separate universities in New Zealand.

Rarotonga’s annual round-island road race has been named by an Australian news site as one of the world’s top five running festivals.

Trivia night huge success

Thursday August 14, 2014

More than 100 people turned out for a quiz night at Nu Vaima Bistro which ended up raising $5700 for the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic.

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