Poor internet draws customer complaints

Friday September 18, 2020 Written by Published in Technology

Internet users in Rarotonga have reported poor and slow service this week, with no imminent announcement of high-speed cable internet by stakeholders. 

Dozens of Vodafone Cook Islands customers took to social media this week to complain about uncharacteristically slow internet and intermittent cuts in service.

When contacted by CI News on Thursday, a Vodafone Cook Islands staff member acknowledged poor internet service affecting customers throughout Rarotonga. “At the moment it’s a problem throughout the island,” the staff member said, adding Vodafone’s technicians were looking into the issue and were aiming to have full service restored before the end of the day.

Questions sent earlier in the day to Vodafone Cook Islands chief executive Phillip Henderson regarding the service issues went unacknowledged.

Internet users have been waiting for the commencement of international connectivity through the undersea cable, which would complement existing satellite service while bringing expected improvements in bandwidth.

Earlier this month, Henderson said Manatua connectivity was expected within “days”.

This week, he confirmed technicians were still performing testing on the new system.

Avaroa Cable Ltd – the local entity handling cable operations that sells cable bandwidth to Vodafone – said the cable was fully functional and operable.

“My engineering team produce a report with how the cable is working and everything is working perfectly,” said Avaroa Chief executive Ranulf Scarbrough. “We can sell a service to our customer, it’s up to them as to how they use it.”

The Rarotonga-Aitutaki portion of the Manatua cable is currently in operation, however all international connectivity remains through satellite.

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  • Comment Link Jonathan Beymer Friday, 18 September 2020 09:43 posted by Jonathan Beymer

    When I called Vodafone about poor service this past week, I was told nothing was wrong. Can't anyone tell the truth anymore or is it now acceptable to constantly tell lies? Here's an international company coming to the Cook Islands bringing their bad manners. It's simple, either there is a slow down in the internet or not when people call in with a problem. Tell the truth or get out of the business and let another capable company do the job.

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