Unique software to help public

Saturday November 09, 2019 Written by Published in Technology

The Ombudsman’s Office is promising to deal more quickly and transparently with public complaints, as it goes live with new computer systems.


The Ombudsman is the only option for members of the public who feel government departments haven’t dealt properly with their concerns – aside from paying for a lawyer to take them to court. Now, the public can visit a new website named “Mana” for Te Mato Akamoeau, the Ombudsman’s Office.

Behind the website is a new case management system named “Tama”, the unseen engine that will drive the office’s handling of complaints.

Ed Redman from Rarotonga Technology says the computer programme Tama was specifically written for the office. “It is totally unique.”

This will make it easier for the employees to track and monitor statuses, and allow them faster capabilities to follow cases through. Complaints will be captured and stored, and reports will be formulated accordingly, said Deputy Ombudsman Jeanine Daniel.

And if you’re wondering why the office still uses a term like “ombudsman” when some of the ombudsman like Jeanine Daniel are women – well, here’s the answer.

The “man” in “ombudsman” isn’t derived from the English word “man” at all. It is actually from the Swedish word “umbuds man” which means “representative”.

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