Bluesky upgrades network to increase speeds for frustrated internet users

Friday July 26, 2019 Written by Published in Technology

The local telecommunications company is promising better internet service for its customers after adding more capacity to its system.


Bluesky customers were left frustrated with the slow internet most of this month which the company said was due to high demand and heavy usage.

Usage has driven by deals such as “quad data”, in which users could get four times more data.

Lahaina Kiely, Bluesky Cook Islands’ commercial manager, said they had now implemented additional network capacity, promised earlier this month.

Kiely said the work was carried out in the early hours yesterday. Bluesky’s team of technicians is now monitoring the progress.

“As a result of the increase in capacity, our customers will now have a better experience,” Kiely said.

Bluesky earlier said due to high demand and heavy usage, internet capacity was becoming overloaded during peak times.

The company ordered additional capacity in the first week of July and expected it to be online within two weeks.

But on July 9, Bluesky said upgraded equipment was required to be commissioned before the extra capacity came online.

A scheduled upgrade to its O3B Internet Services to increase internet capacity in order to improve customer experience and services was held early in the mornings this week, from midnight to 7am.

During this time, Bluesky said there may have been interruptions with intermittent loss of internet on Rarotonga. For Aitutaki, the company warned of loss of 3G/4G Mobile data services and Moana TV.

On July 11, an unplanned outage occurred affecting mobile, landline and internet networks. The cause of the outage which affected mobile data, purchasing of any data bundles and all visitor SIM services is unknown.

The services were restored within an hour.

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