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Bluesky to cancel email service

Thursday May 03, 2018 Written by Published in Technology

Bluesky Cook Islands will close down their Oyster email service by the end of this year.


The Cook Islands’ sole telecommunications provider has announced it will discontinue all of its Oyster email services as of December 1, 2018.

“Since we launched our Oyster email services, email and technology have evolved over time and a lot of our customers have told us their email service is no longer delivering the experience they need today,” said Bluesky Cook Islands country manager Phillip Henderson.

“Many of these new services are available on free, cloud-based systems with access by multiple devices, so our Oyster email service is no longer a viable platform.”

The move comes on top of numerous criticisms aimed at Bluesky over the years concerning spamming, blocked emails and login errors faced by the outdated Oyster platform, with the company finding itself unable to deliver a permanent, cost-effective solution to put these issues to rest.

“That’s simply not good enough for us or our customers,” said Henderson. “We have already migrated our business email service to one of the global providers. It provides users with greater flexibility and is more supportive of the connected world.

“So we’ve made the decision to close the service down and save our customers from experiencing further drawbacks with their email service.”

Bluesky already stopped creating new mailboxes and offering new email services for its customers earlier this year on February 13.

When December arrives, customers who have Bluesky-owned domains (oyster.net.ck) and emails will be impacted. Customers with their own personalised domain (co.ck, net.ck), hosted email, and/or websites will not be impacted.

“We have a handful of customers who are still using the Oyster email services to assist with the operations of their businesses and our concern for them now is getting them set up with a new email service,” said Henderson.

“We recommend the free email online platforms which offer additional features such as large storage space, instant messaging, strong spam filtering and backup, and more flexibility.”

In the meantime, customers who have Bluesky-owned domains are being advised to set up a new email with highly recommended sites such as Gmail or Outlook.com, or to seek professional advice from any local IT technician business on the island.

“From there these customers can simply transfer emails or messages from their old email account to their new one,” said Henderson.              

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