Vaka Eiva brings new innovative technology

Saturday November 22, 2014 Written by Peka Fisher Published in Technology
Vaka Eiva brings new innovative technology

Supporters at this year’s Vaka Eiva competition are in for a treat, even if they aren’t on the island!

As well as following the races on land, they can now follow them online and Telecom Cook Islands is helping keeping you connected. 

The introduction of GPS devices being used to map the races in real time and powered through our 3G mobile network is a first for an international competition here in Rarotonga

“Vaka Eiva bringing new innovative technology to the islands is exactly what we like to see and we’re glad to be a part of it,” said John Proctor, Telecom Cook Islands CEO.

You can follow the race on any mobile device simply by heading to then select preview for the race you would like to follow. You can watch in real time or come back to it later. 

Otherwise if you’re joining us for this exciting week of paddling then head on down to Vaka Village to watch the races for yourself. 

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