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Staff keep up with survey technology

Thursday November 06, 2014 Written by Published in Technology
Field staff learn good survey techniques from Kiwi tutor John Hermann. 14110502 Field staff learn good survey techniques from Kiwi tutor John Hermann. 14110502

Field staff who are required to assist in the set out and maintenance of civil work sites including road works along with local technicians are among a group taking advantage of the ‘survey and set out’ short course on offer at the Faculty of Trades and Technology.

Delivered by Kiwi presenter John Hermann, the short practical course enables all field staff to read and interpret plans and assist with survey and setting out activities.

A group of 14 are undertaking the course and includes employees from Infrastructure Cook Islands, Telecom Cook Islands and the private sector.

Head of faculty Alister Anderson says the short course is about keeping those in the field up to date with the changes in technology and equipment required in this area of work.

The course gives a strong emphasis on understanding constructions plans, dimensions, survey marks, accuracies, elevations and layouts to enable all those taking part to confidently appreciate the work’s scope and detail.

Basic measurements, offsetting and marking out of construction work have been discussed and demonstrated in the two day practical course.

Students have also gained more understanding through field exercises including using levelling equipment and level reductions to establish design heights which gives field staff new skills.

The course has reinforced field checking, recording, basic calculations and good survey techniques with an advanced course on offer for students.

On the completion of the course – those taking part were expected to have knowledge to set up, read, record and calculate using an automatic level, assist a surveyor with planning and preparation work for survey set out, assist a surveyor take field measurements, understand construction drawings and functions, set out basic structures and record as-built information to represent to councils for approval.

Anderson says that the Faculty of Trades and Technology will be rolling out more short courses for people working in the infrastructure industry in the near future.

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