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Monday September 15, 2014 Written by Release Published in Technology
The internet and it’s role in our developing economy is the focus of an upcoming conference, which will be held at the Pukapuka Hall between the week of September 22-26. 14091403 The internet and it’s role in our developing economy is the focus of an upcoming conference, which will be held at the Pukapuka Hall between the week of September 22-26. 14091403

Internet cost is a major issue in the Cook Islands, as it is also for other countries in the Pacific.
Understanding how the internet works, its importance to our economy and how we might reduce its costs are the purpose of a series of information workshops, technical training and a mini conference which will be held during the week of September 22-26 at the Pukapuka Hall opposite the National Auditorium.
The Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society (PICISOC) will be holding its annual i-NET conference here on Rarotonga (PacINET2014).
The conference is being hosted by the Government of the Cook Islands and is being coordinated on their behalf for PICISOC by the Cook Islands Internet Action Group (CIIAG).
The Chair of the PICISOC Board, Maureen Hilyard, would like to invite members of technical support teams from government and private sector organisations, as well as the general public to attend both the workshops and the conference. 
It is hoped that employers will consider this a unique and free information and training opportunity for their IT staff.
The activities offered have been specifically designed to provide the local IT community and the general public with an information package about internet development within the Pacific region and its impacts on the growth of the internet in the Cook Islands.
PICISOC would like to acknowledge the sponsorship of Telecom Cook Islands, not only to cater for the internet needs of presenters and participants at the conference and workshops, but also to support the delivery of this conference to remote participants across the Pacific and beyond who are unable to attend in person.
There is strong interest in PICISOC activities by the ISOC and ICANN communities internationally.
ISOC is the Internet Society of which PICISOC is one of over 100 chapters worldwide which focuses on creating change through partnerships and expertise in policy, technology and communications. ISOC works in close collaboration with ICANN  - the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers – without which the internet could not operate. It provides the means by which computers communicate with each other on the internet – IP addresses. More information on this will be available at the conference.
The purpose of PICISOC within the region is to support Pacific economies to gain an understanding of the many ways in which the internet can benefit communities and can contribute to economic development.
It also offers technical and policy advice and support that will encourage development and, at the same time, contribute to responsible internet governance.
Registration before 22 Sept is essential. Simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   with your (1) name (2) organisation and (3) indicating which days or sessions you would like to attend.
Monday and Tuesday are when the Training workshops will be held (technical training in the afternoon). A Disability Workshop will be held over the two days. The  conference will open on Wednesday and keynote speakers from overseas will present. Thursday is for regional updates and local showcases and Friday will involve panel discussions on ISOC and ICANN issues. This is where you can learn more about both of these organisations.
More detailed information about the training and conference programmes for September 22-26 can be found @   

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