Brown in Brunei for telecom meet

Friday September 12, 2014 Written by Published in Technology
Brown in Brunei for telecom meet

Finance Minister Mark Brown visited Brunei this week, where he attended a regional telecommunications meeting.

Brown arrived in Brunei on Monday where he attended the Asia-Pacific ICT Ministerial Meeting, with the longer title “Building Smart Digital Economy through ICT”.
According to organisers, the meeting aims to provide policy guidelines for the region for a five-year period on the development of telecommunications, and its critical role in enabling creative economy and socio-economic development.
The meeting included minsters from the broader Asia-Pacific region along with industry officials, said organisers.
Specific focus was to be placed on developing the digital economy, infrastructure such as undersea cables and satellites, developing policy for growth, safety and security in cyberspace, and long-term policy in the sector.
A number of Pacific region nations were expected to join countries such as Iran, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Japan at the meeting.
“We’re right on the fringe of this region, but it’s important we become part of it,” said Brown earlier in the week. “At these types of meetings you can talk about what’s going to be done in the region, and new technology that’s coming about.”
Brown said his trip was fully funded by the host organisation.
According to organisers, the meeting is meant to “... provide a platform for the Ministers to have a free and open discussion on the pressing topics of the industry, among themselves, and with the experts and key leaders in the industry.”
The Takuvaine MP said he would be returning to Rarotonga at the end of the week.

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