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Telecom problems frustrate customers

Tuesday January 28, 2014 Written by Published in Technology
Telecom problems frustrate customers

Telecom technicians are working “around the clock” to fix problems with its internet service which have been frustrating customers for the past week.

Sales and marketing manager Damien Beddoes said customers in Rarotonga are currently experiencing minor drop offs and some outages, both on internet and mobile services.

The longest outage so far has lasted for “a few hours”, he said.

Telecom is still not sure what is causing the problem but it may be related to the company’s switch to the new O3b and 3G services, he said.

“All I can say is we are experiencing some issues and we’re working to resolve it. Our technicians have been working around the clock.”

Beddoes said the problems started about a week ago and have mostly been limited to short breaks in the service ranging from five seconds to one minute.

“That’s long enough to cause a disconnection.”

He apologised to customers and acknowledged the issue is a significant inconvenience to them.

Mike Pynenburg, owner of local business The Computer Man, said his business has been suffering from internet glitches since the middle of last week.

“It’s been affecting us and our customers. We have got customers ringing up saying they’ve got internet problems and there’s very little we can tell them except the problem is with Telecom.”

He said he is frustrated because his customers’ emails keep bouncing back and because he needs to place overseas orders.

He wants Telecom to start communicating better with the public and explaining why the problems are occurring.

Telecom is currently working towards launching its new 3G (Third Generation) mobile network, which will offer faster internet speeds to smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The company predicts the service will be about 10 times faster than the current 2G network.

At the same time, Telecom is preparing to shift its internet provision to a new global satellite service called O3b.

Internet provider O3b is hoping to launch its service between March and May and the Cook Islands will be first to benefit.

Telecom chief executive Jules Maher recently said 03b will provide the Cooks Islands with “a robust service”.