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Avatea shares iPad knowledge

Thursday August 29, 2013 Written by Published in Technology

Full of enthusiasm from Andrew Churches’ recent iPad workshops, two Avatea School teachers have developed an iPad professional development (PD) programme for their staff.

With the support of their Principal Nga Charlie, Mairi Heather and Ua Aberahama have run iPad PD sessions with teachers.

This involves introducing teachers to the devices and the ways in which they can be a useful learning and teaching tool.

Although some teachers were wary of the new technology at first, it didn’t take long for them to become familiar with how to operate them. Heather and Aberahama have set up their PD programme so that teachers become familiar with one app at a time.

The teachers that Heather is working with are learning about the iMovie app, while the teachers Aberahama is supporting are using the Pages app.

Both Heather and Aberahama are running the PD with teachers for a week, with the session to be followed up using iPads in the classroom so that other teachers can see them in action with students.

Learning and Teaching Advisor at the Ministry of Education, Matthew Easterbrook, is in full support of this type of PD.

“It is great to see momentum from Andrew’s visit continuing. Teachers can clearly see the benefits of having students learn using this type of technology,” Easterbrook said. He also commented on the positive effect of having teachers run PD for their staff.

“Having teachers run PD for their own school staff has many benefits. One is that the staff running the PD develop skills in facilitation and developing PD programmes, and are on-site experts in that area. Another is that staff generally respond better to being taught by their own colleagues, so the outcomes can be greater.”

Easterbrook is keen to support other teachers and schools who would like to develop similar PD programmes.

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