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Broadband data changes

Sunday April 21, 2013 Written by Published in Technology

The country’s only telecommunications provider believes its newest changes provide opportunities for growing Cook Islands’ economy.

Telecom Cook Islands says new price and data changes come only six months after the last improvements.

“The international experience of operating more productively and efficiently online is now a reality in the Cook Islands.”

Increased data allowances for postpaid internet plans range from 28 per cent to 54 per cent and the average price per gigabyte is up to 45 per cent cheaper.

The pa enua also receive the same improvements in pricing and data allowances.

“These improvements to broadband plans provide more value to customers, allowing them the freedom to utilise the internet more effectively. Over the past three years Telecom Cook Islands has progressively improved value for customers with new plans, reduced rates, increased caps and increased speeds,” says Telecom.

Customers can check if they are on the right plan by visiting the usage page at www.telecom.co.ck and comparing their current usage to the new data allowances.

Changes take effect May 1.

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