Better connections for visitors

Wednesday March 27, 2013 Written by Published in Technology

Visitors to the Cooks can now connect better to home as a prepaid card is now available preloaded with text, calling and data credit.

Telecom Cook Islands has created a SIM card package for tourists visiting the Cook Islands. The Telecom Traveller is a prepaid SIM card preloaded with text, calling and data credit. The company says there is no contract, no minimum spend and no hidden charges.

The package includes a local mobile number and SIM card to place in the traveller’s own mobile and can be used around the Cook Islands.

Telecom developed the card as tourism visitor numbers at the end of last year showed a 12 per cent increase over 2011, with the largest markets being New Zealand and Australia. This indicates a need for specific telecommunication services to a growing market and an alternative to global roaming.

Tourism Corporation online marketing manager Christian Mani said the product matches the needs of visitors while on holiday to keep in touch with family and friends – or boast about their holiday through major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The card costs $49 and lasts 30 days. It is preloaded with 20 minutes of calling, including international calls to any destination, 100 text messages, including international texts and 100MB of data.

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