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Project City road repair underway

Tuesday March 05, 2013 Written by Published in Technology

Remedial work on the main road in Panama began on Tuesday to repair the road which had to be dug up to lay new water pipes as part of the Project City water upgrade.

While most people will agree that ‘you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs’ – the state of the roads after the water pipes upgrade have been a serious concern for motorists and residents that have to endure the dust from the loose gravel in areas where the roads have been dug up.

These concerns were raised in an urgent meeting between project managers the Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning and project contractors Landholdings Ltd where it was decided that remedial works on the roads would be started sooner, rather than later as planned.

The public at large is once again being urged to take precautions when driving on the roads especially in areas where the road has been dug up to lay the new pipes namely through Panama and Tupapa.

Road remediation has been subcontracted to Triad Pacific Petroleum which is restoring the road close to its original condition.

The public is also advised that work on the main road has not yet been completed as contractors are yet to lay the sub main pipelines under the main road.

Once the water network upgrade project is complete, the third and final phase will be to upgrade the main road from Panama to Avarua and the three main cross roads in Avarua being the St Joseph’s road, Tutakimoa Road (to Telecom) and Takuvaine Road past the Karika palace.

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