Floods will end soon

Sunday October 28, 2012 Written by Published in Technology

Telecom Cook Islands has completed the construction work of a new telecommunications tower in Muri, but the area around the site floods badly each time it rains.

Regular commuters on the Muri-Avarua stretch of road have noticed the flooding problem and commented to CINews.

The tower sits between Scotts Farm and Avana Bridge.

Telecom’s chief operating officer Ngatama Aniterea explains while all the construction work on the tower itself is finished, the retaining walls surrounding the base of the tower still need to be built. Telecom hopes to complete the walls by the end of November.

“We will raise the walls by a couple more blocks before back filling them with soil. These walls will prevent water runoff from the surrounding slopes from collecting on the concrete foundation of the tower.”

He points out the surrounding area has always flooded after rain – even before the tower was built – from water runoff from the top of surrounding slopes, which spills over the main road.

“I’m sure people who live around this area will confirm this.”

Aniterea believes there is a drainage system running under the main road at the site, but has not been in use for some time now and is blocked with soil.

There are two main reasons Telecom built the tower and another building at this site.

“Firstly it allowed us to shift our TV and cellular equipment from the cyclone-prone site in Turangi to a safer location. This move also improved the cellular signals around the Pacific Resort and associated areas by having the transmission equipment closer to the area,” explains Aniterea.

The site also serves as a FOTS (Fibre-Optic Transmission System) station.

Broadband customers in the area should notice an improvement in speed and quality of their broadband connections once Telecom transfers them from the Matavera or Tikioki FOTS to Avana.

This is because the length of copper lines from the transmission station to customers is halved by having this new tower built between Matavera and Tikioki.

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