Discussions have been held between the government and the Democratic Party on a number of actions considered necessary to proceed during the caretaker government period.

Petitions may follow final count

Wednesday June 27, 2018

The leading political parties have not ruled out the possibility of filing petitions after the final count of the votes from the 2018 general elections, expected to be completed later today.

Grey Power president Dennis Tunui says he is “very happy” at the prospect of a new Democratic Party-led government, as it means he and his fellow recipients of New Zealand Superannuation in the Cook Islands will no longer be taxed on their pension.

As negotiations continue between the Democratic Party (Demos), the Cook Islands Party (CIP), One Cook Islands (OCI), and the independents as to who will form the next government, CINews takes a look at who is likely to land a ministerial portfolio and what Cabinet may look like, depending on which party claims a majority.

There is a possibility a couple of seats may change hands when the final counting of the votes from last Thursday’s general election is completed next week.

Democratic Party stalwarts Ngamau ‘Aunty Mau’ Munokoa and James Beer will remain committed to the party despite losing their seats in the 2018 general election.

Last Tuesday, CINews released the results of its 2018 Cook Islands General Election poll. The poll had a sample size of 100 voters from all constituencies and asked a total of six questions relating to the election.

CIP govt remains in caretaker mode

Wednesday June 20, 2018

Incumbent prime minister Henry Puna and his government will remain in caretaker mode, with limited power, until the new government is finalised.

A Pacific Islands Forum Election Observer team was on Rarotonga last week to observe the Cook Islands 2018 elections on Thursday. 

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