THE HIGH profile trial of Teina Bishop has ended for the time being, with the long-serving parliamentarian now considering his options to appeal the guilty verdict handed down by the jury last week.

PM, ministers in FIU spotlight

Tuesday July 26, 2016

The PRIME minister and two cabinet ministers have been the focus of a multi-pronged Financial Intelligence Unit investigation that has been completed and handed to police.

CLERK OF Parliament John Tangi has shown his bias against members of the opposition by withdrawing the approval of three opposition members to attend a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) meeting in Brisbane, Australia, says Ngatangiia MP Tamaiva Tuavera.

FINANCE minister Mark Brown was one of the ministers from around the region who signed a joint submission to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in Fiji earlier this week to ensure Pacific voices are better heard in international meetings.

Brown to lead the opposition

Saturday July 23, 2016

Teenui-Mapumai member of Parliament Rose Brown has become the first woman in Cook Islands history to lead an opposition coalition.

Opposition leader Tamaiva Tuavera wants Chief Justice Tom Weston to sack prime minister Henry Puna.

IF THE opposition coalition were to offer him deputy prime ministership, Internal Affairs minister Albert Nicholas says he’d take it, providing the offer was made in “nice clean circumstances.”

THE OPPOSITION are the ones turning the Cook Islands parliament into a circus, not the government, says Finance minister Mark Brown.

PM hits back at opposition

Thursday June 30, 2016

THE BATTLE for power between the government and the opposition is intensifying with the Prime Minister Henry Puna accusing the opposition of “simply clutching at straws in its grab for power.”

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