Katrina Tanirau

Katrina Tanirau

Food security and economic resilience are inextricably linked in the Pa Enua.

Prime Foods turned 10 in April, but Covid-19 forced the celebrations to be put on hold. This week Prime Foods pulled out all the stops to ensure that staff, suppliers and customers were part of the festivities.

Shadow health minister Selina Napa has looked into the weeping eyes of a mother who lost her only daughter after she was killed in a motorbike accident and felt the terrible anguish and loss.

Up for the challenge

Wednesday June 03, 2020

New Zealand Labour Party candidate Nerissa Henry is a proud Cook Islander who is contesting a seat that is usually predominately held by the Opposition National Party. 

The stories flow from Tapi Taio as he reminisces about the life he has lived.  Telling them, it’s hard to do him justice. He talks with Katrina Tanirau about triumph, adversity, and always having faith.

Late burst of people power

Saturday May 30, 2020

Hundreds of people get on their bikes in a late bid to convince the government to revoke its new helmet law.

Most Cook Islanders don’t believe in just packing up and leaving their jobs when they reach retirement age of 60.

Food markets are keen to sell local farmers’ produce.

A proud Cook Islander and a man of kindness, who lived to inspire others and make a difference.

An award for the whole family

Thursday May 28, 2020

While accepting the award for Sport Administrator of the Year at the Cook Islands Sports Awards, Badminton Cook Islands president Thomas Mereana-Ngauru paid tribute to his badminton “family”.

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