Katrina Tanirau

Katrina Tanirau

Due to record increased water usage on Rarotonga, To Tatou Vai has put out a message urging residents to conserve water.

Turning on the taps

Thursday June 25, 2020

Authorities acknowledge they need to be as transparent as the water they plan to pipe into people’s homes in Rarotonga.

Parliament’s Speaker is to decide this week whether a Cook Islands News article was incorrect and unfair and if the newspaper’s political journalist will be barred from Parliament.

Uncertainty over water petition

Wednesday June 24, 2020

Te Vai Ora Maori members are hopeful their petition will be referred to a select committee despite majority voting against it in Parliament. 

Your country wants you

Tuesday June 23, 2020

Would you like to follow in the footsteps of Grover Harmon, Paavo Mustonen and Campbell Best and where a green, white and gold football jersey with pride?

Keeping tivaevae tradition alive

Saturday June 20, 2020

In order to succeed in business, you have to think outside the square. Katrina Tanirau discovers how the Covid-19 pandemic has forced Ann and Kathrine Reid to adopt new ways of selling their tivaevae.

BUDGET 2020/21: The Government is to begin borrowing from the Asian Development Bank to pay for Covid-19 stimulus package.

Grace period to get helmets

Friday June 19, 2020

Those who have been prevented from buying helmets because there aren’t enough in the country can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Keeping track of Covid

Friday June 19, 2020

With no vaccine available for coronavirus, it’s vital Cook Islands remain vigilant as the country prepares to reopen to the outside world.

‘Someone had stuffed up’

Wednesday June 17, 2020

Cook Islands borders will still open for over 200 returning Cook Islanders and work permits holders this Friday despite two new Covid-19 cases in New Zealand.

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