Conor Leathley

Conor Leathley

Visiting yachts keep marina busy

Monday September 18, 2017

It has been a busy time for the Avatiu marina since the new financial year began on July 31, with a number of international travellers visiting Rarotonga on yachts.

Bond store match of the week

Monday September 18, 2017

Long-time rugby rivals Avatiu/Nikao and Takuvaine face off today at the Avatiu Swamp in the semi-finals of the Rarotonga Club 15s competition.

Goodtime movie has heartfelt message

Monday September 18, 2017

Man – oops, girl, that was a funny movie.

Netball in top four battle

Friday September 15, 2017

Netball action gets into another gear this week as the Rising Stars Netball Championship goes into the semi-final stages.

Visiting group a hit at beachside bar

Friday September 15, 2017

Vaiana’s was the place to be on Wednesday night when a ukarere (ukulele) group from Queensland, Australia thrilled onlookers with their musical talent.

Island show looks for healthiest babies

Thursday September 14, 2017

Babies were the star of the show at Tuesday’s Takuvaine baby show.

Top teams need to be wary

Wednesday September 13, 2017

Last week was business as usual for the top teams in the Prime Foods Mixed Social League Volleyball, but they should still be wary as the next upset may just be around the corner.

School rugby player hosts visit Raro

Wednesday September 13, 2017

The homestay family which hosted a Cook Islander who dominated the Christchurch schoolboy rugby competition this year holidayed on Rarotonga recently, keeping half an eye out for budding Raro talent.

Show looks for the healthiest babies

Tuesday September 12, 2017

The Tupapa Maraerenga baby show was held yesterday as local young ones aged up to three and a half were checked by doctors and nurses from the Health ministry.

The proposed Aitutaki marina, which caused some controversy among residents on the island, has made limited progress since its announcement in 2015.

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