MPs go to Pa Enua

Thursday August 13, 2020 Written by Published in Politics

Members of two Parliamentary select committees are touring southern group islands this week to discuss new immigration and agriculture draft laws.

They are holding consultations on Atiu, Mitiaro and Ma‘uke to gauge people’s views on the bills, before submitting a report to Parliament for next month’s sitting.

The Immigration Bill select committee is led by internal affairs minister Mac Mokoroa, and include Members of Parliament Patrick Arioka, Te Hani Brown, Tai Tura, Opposition leader Tina Browne, Tama Tuavera and Vaitoti Tupa.

The Agriculture Bill select committee is headed by Patrick Arioka, associate agriculture minister.

The Immigration Bill proposes to enhance border security, and smooth people’s movement in and out of the country, to support economic, social and cultural priorities.

The Agriculture Bill is intended to provide for the development of sustainable agricultural practices, data collection, and to provide more regulation with inspectors empowered to enforce that regime.

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