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Tura appointed deputy Speaker

Tuesday April 09, 2019 Written by Published in Politics
Tai Tura’s first day as deputy Speaker. 19040847 Tai Tura’s first day as deputy Speaker. 19040847

Tai Tura, Member of Parliament for Mauke, has been appointed the new deputy Speaker of Parliament.


Tura was the government’s nominee and he contested for the position against Opposition Democratic Party’s nominee Vaitoti Tupa, the MP for Matavera.

Tura and Tupa were nominated by their respective leaders prime minister Henry Puna and Opposition Democratic Party leader Tina Browne.

The position was decided through vote by division despite the Opposition’s attempt for a vote by secret ballot. Tura received 12 votes while Tupa managed 10.

He was also the government’s nominee for acting Speaker to start the proceedings in Parliament in absence of Speaker Niki Rattle, who is away in New Zealand on family matters.

The Opposition put forward Selina Napa, the MP for Titikaveka, as their nominee. In a vote by division, Tura received 12 votes while Napa managed 10 votes.

The Parliament also granted indefinite leave to Speaker Rattle and Democratic Party MP Nooroa Baker, who is also out of the country on family matters.

Prime minister Henry Puna raised the motion that Rattle be granted indefinite leave to be with her husband who is receiving medical treatment in an Auckland hospital.

“Madam Speaker is in Auckland with her husband for medical reasons. In fact I believe that Colin had the operation yesterday (Sunday) and he’s recovering,” PM Puna said.

“Madam Speaker contacted me to ask if it was okay to get back for (yesterday’s) sitting and this week’s sitting and leave again to be with Colin for the remainder of his treatment.

“I’m sure all of us will agree her place right now is with her husband.

 I assured her that if we will all work together, we can manage successfully the sitting of the honorable House.  

“In order to formalise her absence and to grant her leave of absence, I wish to move this House grant leave to Madam Speaker until she is ready to come back home with her husband.”

The Opposition leader Browne then raised a motion to grant leave of absence (indefinitely) to MP Baker, who is also in New Zealand taking care of his ill wife.

Both motions were passed together with full support of the present MPs.