New party promises open leadership

Monday December 03, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

Cook Islands United Party (CIUP) interim president Nandi Glassie says the party will provide a breath of fresh air to the people of the Cook Islands for strong, honest, and open leadership.

The party which was launched more than a week ago at the Raemaru Sports Clubhouse in Arorangi is led by former deputy prime minister with the Cook Islands Party (CIP) government, Teariki Heather.

CIUP whose banner features rainbow and 15 stars representing the country also has the likes of former CIP MPs Mona Ioane, and Toanui Isamaela.

“For a start, some of us have proven political experience. Between the leader, Mr Heather and I, we made a total of 26 years as MPs and out of that 16 years of ministerial experience.  So we have the political experience and leadership,” Glassie said in his speech during the launch.

“Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us – the spin doctors, the bad mouthing, calling us names, these negative people who talk the politics as if ‘anything goes’.

“Well, I say to them tonight, there is no room for such people here in the Cook Islands United Party. We believe in a united Cook Islands for all Cook Islanders and those who work hard toward our economy and communities.”

Glassie said they were encouraged by the support they received at the party launch.

“There were old and young who came to listen and help celebrate. As one Papa commented, ‘It’s about time that the Cook Islands United Party is now formed to give people a fresh option to consider, as we don't have confidence in this government and worse, the lack of an Opposition’,” he said.

“Those who attended were positive, supportive and hopeful. A breath of fresh air.

“I have no doubt that from Penrhyn in the north to Mangaia to the south, from Pukapuka in the east to Mauke in the west lay claim that our Cook Islands United Party will bring out of these political confusions and darkness – a brighter day will come.”

CIUP is promising to reduce tax rates, drop tax on old age pension, raise the tax free bar, negotiate on high freight costs and airfares to the outer islands, especially to the northern group and address immigration and fishing issues.

Glassie also said the party would make it easier for the people returning home to live, among many more policy formulation and implementation.

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