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Price tribunal says goodbye to two members

Tuesday November 20, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

The Price Tribunal has farewelled two long-serving members.


A press release issued by the tribunal last week said the two – Tatiana Burns and Bredina Drollet, had been instrumental in establishing a professional and well-structured regulatory body. 

“Former president Tatiana Burns stepped down after a long and outstanding service in her capacity as a member and then as the head of the tribunal,” the release said.

“The establishment of procedures was in a large part due to the professionalism which she brought from the private sector as a business owner and (her) vast experience within many organisations.

“The highly qualified services of Bredina Drollet will be missed as she was also the Head of Ministry at Internal Affairs and later Chief of Staff for the Office of the Prime Minister. An adherence to due diligence was a hallmark of both past member’s work.”

The release said the dedication of the past members in ensuring the fairest outcome for consumers and suppliers would be continued with the remaining board member Fletcher Melvin, who has been appointed by the minister as president. The two new appointed members are Louis Enoka who has a wealth of experience as a hotel manager, property developer and sports administrator and Catherine Evans, formerly the deputy Solicitor-General at Crown Law, who now has her own law practice. 

Evans has a Bachelor of Laws from Auckland University and has been admitted to the High Court of New Zealand and to the High Court of the Cook Islands. 

She has practiced law for 18 years.

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