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PM urged to ‘come clean’ on Nicholas

Wednesday November 07, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

RAPPA Democratic Party candidate in the June 2018 elections, Dr Teina Rongo, has challenged prime minister Henry Puna, deputy prime minister Mark Brown and the Speaker of Parliament, Niki Rattle, to “come clean” on the whereabouts of former Cabinet minister and Member of Parliament Albert Nicholas.


Nicholas has been absent from the island since the results of electoral petitions were announced and while rumours of his current circumstances and activities are rife, government has stayed silent on the matter.

“It’s been over two months since the RAPPA electoral petition judgment, a number of weeks since Parliament adjourned sine die, and there is still no show of Albert,” said Rongo in a statement to CINews yesterday.

“The prime minister stated in CINews on Thursday, September 20 that Albert had said he would be back by Sunday September 23, ‘at the latest’. 

“The prime minister also said in the article after sacking Nicholas from Cabinet that he was ‘sympathetic’ towards the Nicholas family and his supporters - in particular his committee who had put their faith and trust in Albert,” said Rongo.

“But these expressions of sympathy were empty because the whole constituency is still without meaningful representation.”

Given Nicholas was only the MP-elect (not sworn in), it was time for the prime minister, and the Speaker, to compel him to resign from parliament, or call parliament now to deal with his absence, Rongo added.

“The electors of RAPPA deserve the presence of their MP in the electorate and in parliament, so new elections for the electorate should be called now.”            

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