CINCW proud of female HoMs

Monday October 08, 2018 Written by Published in Politics
Cook Islands National Council of Women president Rebecca Hosking-Ellis. 18100525 Cook Islands National Council of Women president Rebecca Hosking-Ellis. 18100525

The Cook Islands National Council of Women (CINCW) has welcomed the recent appointment of three women to the head of ministries (HoMs) posts.


Last week, the Public Service Commission appointed Diane Charlie-Puna, Pamela Maru and Temarama Anguna as secretaries of the Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI), Ministry of Marine Resources (MMR) and Ministry of Agriculture, respectively.

They join three other females who are heading Health, Education and Internal Affairs ministries.

CINCW president Rebecca Hosking-Ellis said the council was proud to see these women taking up challenging roles as HoMs.

“When we look at these positions, they are involving core ministries and we are very proud of them. Their achievement flows well with our theme which is empowerment of women and girls in the Cook Islands,” Hosking-Ellis said.

“They can be role models for our younger generation. Their achievement is a history in the making that every girl and woman in the country should be proud of.”

Hosking-Ellis paid tribute to the former female leaders and advocates who paved way to make things a bit easier for women in this country.

“We must remember our past women who have worked very hard to bring the status of women in the country to where it is today. The past leaders, those who have passed on and those who are still alive, must be proud of this achievement,” she said.

“These mamas have worked very hard to get our women to where we are today and the recent achievement is a testament of the journey they embarked on years ago.”

Hosking-Ellis is calling on all women in the country to work together and support each other in achieving their dreams and goals.

“We should all support these young women taking up the high calibre positions. Not only these heads of ministries but also our women doctors, leaders, police officers, teachers and others who are making us proud with their achievements.

“We also acknowledge Minister Rose Brown and three other women parliamentarians, especially the youngest MP, Te-Hani Brown, who showed courage and determination by taking up the challenge and responsibility of a MP.”

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