Elikana excited at new role in parliament

Wednesday September 19, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

Newcomer Tingika Elikana is excited with the prospect parliament will provide him in serving his people and the nation in his four-year term as the Member of Parliament (MP).


The Pukapuka-Nassau MP won the 2018 general election under the Cook Islands Party banner. He will make his first appearance as an MP in parliament when the first session starts at 1pm.

Elikana, who has had an illustrious public service career, said he was looking forward to his first term in Parliament.

“I come in this role with no illusions. My priorities are to my people in Pukapuka-Nassau who have elected me and then secondly to our national interest,” Elikana said.

“It’s going to be an exciting time for me to able to represent the people in this privileged position that I have been placed by the people of Pukapuka-Nassau, so my responsibilities are to them primarily and then to the national interest.”

The former Justice secretary, who also served as the country’s solicitor general, has reportedly been handed the portfolio of assistant Justice minister.

He won the June 14 election, beating Willie Katoa of the Democratic Party in the initial count by five votes.

However a petition on Elikana’s election as the MP of Pukapuka-Nassau was filed by Katoa. The petition alleged that some electors were not qualified to vote, adding that the Electoral Office erred in permitting their votes to be cast and counted.

The votes were recounted in the High Court and Elikana won 145 votes while Katoa had 129.

Following the recount, the petitioner was given time to reconsider whether or not he wanted to proceed with the hearing and Katoa decided to withdraw the petition. This resulted in Elikana retaining the Pukapuka-Nassau seat.

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