Matapo new CIP president, Puna still leader

Wednesday August 15, 2018 Written by Published in Politics
The new Cook Islands Party president, Tekaotiki (Tiki) man. Matapo. 18081406 The new Cook Islands Party president, Tekaotiki (Tiki) man. Matapo. 18081406

The former Cook Islands high commissioner to New Zealand, Tekaotiki (Tiki) Matapo, has been appointed the new president of the Cook Islands Party (CIP).


Also at the party’s conference on Monday at the AOG Church in Takuvaine, Prime Minister Henry Puna was re-elected as party leader for a fourth consecutive term.

Puna was first appointed leader of the CIP in 2006. He led the party to two consecutive election wins in 2010 and 2014, serving as the country’s prime minister.

In the 2018 general election, the CIP narrowly lost to the Democratic Party by one seat but managed to gain the support of the One Cook Islands and two independent MPs to gain a majority.

For the much-anticipated president’s post, Matapo, 74, replaced Nga Jessie, who took up the post in 2015.

A very well-known Cook Islander, Matapo has long been active in the community through his involvement in politics, sports, the church, his career in the Cook Islands Police, and as a justice of the peace.

In 2011, he was appointed to be Cook Islands high commissioner to New Zealand, to strengthen ties between the two countries and represent the Cook Islands on important occasions in New Zealand. Matapo served in that role until 2016.

A former national rep in athletics and rugby, Matapo is also a former president of the Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee. He attended two Olympics during his tenure as head of the national sports governing body.

Meanwhile, local businessman Rohan Ellis has been elected as CIP’s new vice-president, replacing Doreen Boggs.

Janette Browne and Terai Joseph are the new assistant secretary generals, while Tuaine Teaea has been appointed the new treasurer.

Akaiti Puna, wife of PM Puna, has taken up the party’s director of development and membership position.


CIP executives

Patrons: Rau Nga, Ake Lewis; Leader: Henry Puna; President: Tiki Matapo; Vice Presidents: Rohan Ellis, Tereapii Charlie; Secretary General: Nooroa Roi; Assistant Secretary Generals: Janette Browne, Terai Joseph; Treasurer: Tuaine Teaea; Director Finance: Amanda Pauka; Director Policy: Vaine Wichman; Director Policy and Media: Vaine Wichman; Director Development and Membership: Akaiti Puna; Directors Youth: Regina Potini, Paiere Tangata, Clee Marsters; Director Gender Development: Valentino Wichman.

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