Demo statement reveals party frustration

Monday July 09, 2018 Written by Published in Politics

While on Friday Demo parliamentary leader William ‘Smiley’ Heather was still talking up the chances of the party becoming government, a party statement reflected the frustration that followed the Cook Island Party’s move to swear in three MPs last Thursday.


In a statement posted on Facebook, an anonymous spokesperson said it was disappointing that independent MPs Rose Toki Brown and Robert Tapaitau and One Cook Islands MP George Maggie had joined the CIP’s caretaker government.

“Negotiations began between those independents and the Demos commencing immediately after the election,” the statement said.

“It seems however that the prizes on offer by the other side had more allure or incentives.

“While we have received unfair criticism for being too slow or unable to handle the task, given that it is not reasonable to go public on negotiations, it is fair for us to say that there are demands that we are unable to meet practically and ethically and depths to which we will not sink, for anyone.

“We move on now to the petitions.”

The Demos have filed four petitions to CIP’s one, filing against the outcomes in Rakahanga, Murienua, Avatiu-Ruatonga and Pukapuka-Nassau. CIP have filed against the Ngatangiia result, while OCI have filed against Mauke.

“It is worth noting that a petition was not filed by CIP against Rose Brown for Teenui Mapumai, although her decision to join the CIP to form government has reduced their incentive to petition in Atiu, no doubt to the relief of all concerned,” the statement continued.

It was interesting to note also that George Maggie appeared to have “finally dropped pretensions of being a One Cook Islands champion and had compromised all of the policy he had based his campaign on when he crossed over to join the CIP”, the statement added.

“Thank you to the Democratic Party-faithful who, while upset with the latest results, maintain the calm and support we need to continue to do what we believe is best for our people.

“No one is more disappointed than those of us who ‘gave our all’, including hundreds of volunteers working for months to bring about the change our country and our people voted for. We cannot be blamed if our pockets are just not deep enough.

“However we now need to maintain a dignified and ethical stand in the face of what we believe is a new and unprecedented level of corruption in the history of Cook Islands self-government.”

On a more optimistic note, the Demo spokesperson said that if the party became government in the near future, investigating and revealing the depths of that corruption will become one of its priority assignments.

“We therefore invite our supporters and the public to follow the media on the petitions and we will also inform you not only of the desperate measures and obstacles that we expect will be placed in front of us but also of the progress that we will be making.

“It isn’t over yet…”

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