Govt cops blame for Muri issues

Saturday June 09, 2018 Written by Published in Politics
MP Tamaiva Tuavera pictured in parliament. 18060847 MP Tamaiva Tuavera pictured in parliament. 18060847

Ngatangiia MP Tamaiva “Captain Tama” Tuavera has hit out at the writer of a letter to CINews who has questioned Tuavera’s contribution to the village during his four-year tenure.

In an interview with CI News yesterday, the Democratic Party member said he had done everything in his power to get the road, sewage, and other issues in the village fixed.

“But at the end of the day, the buck stops with the government of the day,” he said, adding that the government had failed to hear his pleas on behalf of the people of his constituency

The letter writer, who signed off with the pen name “Fresh is Best”, spoke in support of new Cook Islands Party candidate, Kaka Ama.

“Those who are critical about Ama need to realise that he has resigned from his top government post and raised his hands to help fix the problems in the village, because nothing has been done for four years,” the letter-writer said.

“If the roads and sewage problems were fixed he wouldn't have put up his hand. Don’t criticise someone new who is offering to help the constituency. 

“The burden rests on the shoulders of the current MP to explain why nothing has been done during the time he has been representing Ngatangiia. I say out with the old and in with the new.”

Tuavera said he had asked government numerous times in parliament and in other forums regarding the road projects and sewage problems in his constituency.

He said allocations had been made for the work in the budget, but nothing had been done so far to improve the deteriorating condition of the road through Muri.

“You will never get anything done in your village if you are not with the government. I have been making a lot of noise about these issues affecting our village in parliament, on radio and on TV.

“And then in 2016, finally they sent a guy up to measure the road,” he said.

“According (said) he gave all his measurement to the engineers for them to draw up the plan for the road and now with the elections around the corner, they (the government) decided to come out there and put the pegs to confirm the width of the road. I’m happy that finally something has been done regarding the road in Muri.”

Tuavera said the road and sewage problems had been ongoing issues even before he became MP for Ngatangiia.

“The letter writer is talking about the environment and this was the problem that they were trying to fix before I became the MP.

“If they say I have not done anything in the last four years, what did the government MP do for Ngatangiia when he was in power (before me)?”

Tuavera said he had talked about the road and other issues with his Democratic Party colleagues and they had assured him the Muri road would be the first project on their agenda when they formed a government.

“At least I agree with one thing the letter writer is saying – out with the old and in with the new … government.”

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